Our Registry & Honeymoon

Five years ago, Derek lived in Amsterdam for three months, working with an internet company. When that job was over, he traveled around Europe on trains for seven weeks. It was one of the most incredible times in his life.

When Heather was in high school, she spent a month living in France. She'd been learning French since she was a child, and loved being immersed in the art and culture of a new place.

For our honeymoon, we've decided to show each other some of our favorite places. We'll begin in Amsterdam, where Derek can show Heather his old ride through the Vondelpark. Then we'll take a train to Paris, where we're renting an apartment for a week, so Heather can show Derek her favorite landmarks and museums, and new places neither of us have ever been.

In lieu of a traditional registry, we're asking for your help to make our dream honeymoon a reality. If you'd like to give us a gift for our wedding, we'd love it if you could donate to our travel fund. Not only will we be beginning our married lives together in some of the most beautiful places in the world, we'll know that it's our friends and families who helped us get there.

We can think of no better way to celebrate our union.

Checks can be sent to:
Derek Powazek & Heather Champ
912 Cole Street #215
San Francisco, CA 94117

Thank you!


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